You can make your press on nails last longer by following these 7 simple tips: 

TIP #1

Natural nails have oils on them, always use rubbing alcohol to remove the oils so the glue can adhere to the press on nail and your fingernail.  If you don’t, your press ons will likely pop off in a day or two. 

TIP #2

Make sure your cuticles are trimmed or pushed back.  Otherwise the press on will stick to your cuticle instead of your nail which can cause lifting and/or cause the press on to pop off quickly.  Lifting is when the press on nail lifts off your natural nail.  

TIP #3

To make your press ons last 1 - 2 weeks, apply nail glue to both the back of the press on nail and your natural nail.  We do not recommend wearing the same set of press ons longer than 2 weeks. 

TIP #4

Put pressure on every nail for 10 - 15 seconds to apply. This spreads the glue across the full surface to ensure a stronger hold.  Immediately wipe off excess glue with paper towel if over-gluing occurs.  

TIP #5

Do not wash your hands or come in contact with water for at least 2 hours after application to help your press on nails stay on longer.  Use gloves to wash your dishes and avoid taking long showers. The best time to apply them is right before bed.  

TIP #6

Make sure to select the right size press on for your nails.  Line up the press on nail with your natural nail and gently press down.  If the press on is too small some of your natural nail will show and it might be uncomfortable.  If it's too large it will go over your nail bed and pop off easily.  If needed, file sides of press on nail for best fit.  Give yourself a few minutes for this step.  

TIP #7

Give the glue or nail tabs a couple of hours to set before shaping, filing or cutting your press on nails.


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