Looking for a way to make your press on nails look natural and last longer?  The secret is choosing the right size for your nails.  Give yourself a few minutes for this step!  


Line up the press on nail with your natural nail and press down gently.  If you press too hard you won’t get a proper fit. The edges of the press on nail should line up with the edges of your fingernail without touching your skin.  If there is a half millimeter space between the press on and your skin it's the perfect fit, like the photo on the right.   



If the press on is too small, some of your fingernail will show on each side and it might be uncomfortable.  


If the press on is touching your skin it’s too large, like the photo on the left.  If this happens the nail will be glued to your skin and pop off easily.  You want the press on glued to your fingernail not your skin.  If you can’t find a perfect fitting press on, use the larger press on nail and file it to the shape of your natural nail.  

Match them well to each finger, and shape them if necessary.  This might take a few extra minutes the first time you size your nails but with some practice you’ll become a pro.


Shi Shi Luxe Nails creates handmade press on nails. We offer quality nails in a variety of shapes, colors and lengths.  With proper prep and removal they are reusable and leave little to no damage to your natural nails.  If you want salon looking nails in 10 minutes or less while saving time and money view our COLLECTIONS here.


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